• Basic car,  about 12ins----------------$299.00

  • Full figure outside car----------------$299.00

  • Figure inside car-----------------------$199.00

  • Open interior Convertible--------------$25.00

  • Open engine-----------------------------$50.00

  • Wire wheels----------------------------$30.00

  • Racing Details---------------------$30-$50.00

  • Clay and wood base----------------------$50.00

  • Extra Chrome:  14K white gold------Price varies

  • Wall reliefs, start at--$299.00

  • All other concepts call for price

  • All art in clay is made one of a kind , Kiln fired 3 times, glazed, painted with oil or water base paints. Wire wheels are wire, the Chrome is 14K white gold fired in the kiln for the last firing

$ 200.00 deposit, check, credit card or pay pal (account is





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